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Broken Together

By Joi Copeland


Hope drives her back home to Flagstaff, Arizona, until Zoey learns the truth. His peaceful world shaken, Gawain battles with letting go of the pain that once held him captive. Will they find healing or will they remain, Broken Together? Zoey Fuller and Cadan Moss were friends in secret during high school in Flagstaff, Arizona. Too ashamed to admit her friendship with the heavy-set boy, she’d meet him at a coffee shop outside of town where no one would see them. She couldn't risk her reputation by letting any of her cool friends know about her relationship with the heavy-set outsider. Seven years later, she returns to Flagstaff, a new creation in Christ, hoping to make amends with her long-lost friend. Gawain Moss lost his twin and best friend seven years ago. The tragedy shaking him to the very core, Gawain battles with forgiving the woman who, he believes, took his brother away from him. Finally at peace, he teaches at the same school his brother once attended. And then one day, he runs into Zoey, and his world is turned upside down.

Book Takeaway:

Every one has a story. We only need to take the time to find out what that story is.

Why the author wrote this book:

I heard a song that really bothered me, as there was no resolution regarding bullying. It broke my heart, and I wanted to have a resolution, so I wrote this book.


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