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Sunshine in Spring

By Joi Copeland


Camden Daye used to love Christmas. Six years ago, tragedy struck his family. Every year since then, he hangs on to the past and his role in the devastation that shook up the world of his loved ones. Can he be free of the self-imposed chains, or will they hold him in bondage?
Sunshine Rogers is being stalked. By whom, she has no idea and can’t understand why anyone would do it. Fear begins to take over her life as she constantly looking over her shoulder.
Will these two be able to help each other or will history repeat itself for Camden? Find out in Sunshine in Spring.

Book Takeaway:

Guilt can eat us alive if we don't allow God to heal us.

Why the author wrote this book:

After I wrote Christmas Rayne, I had a lot of requests to write Camden's story.


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