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Blackrock Shores

By Joi Copeland


The pandemic changes everything.

Roark Malone understands the government measures for Ireland, but they don’t stop him from being lonely. Thankful his parents are nearby, he does all he can to keep them safe from contracting the horrible disease spreading across the world and his beloved Ireland. But it’s not enough, and he loses everything. Until he meets her…
The only thing keeping Aine Donoghue sane during lockdown is her dog, River. When the restrictions ease, River takes Aine on a run. Her crazy dog wreaks havoc and endangers Aine’s very life but forces her to meet the man of her dreams...
Will Roark and Aine make it through the pandemic and find love in the process?

Book Takeaway:

There is always hope, even when things seem bleak.

Why the author wrote this book:

I moved to Ireland during the pandemic in July 2020. It wasn't easy, and I'm still learning about the country. I wanted to write a series where a group of friends are in the center of the pandemic and how they each find love in this wonderful country.


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