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Chance in Maine

By Joi Copeland


When he met her, everything in his world of silence began to change. Chance Carmichael’s accident two years ago not only shattered in his life, it shattered his faith. Tired of living with the pitying looks, he leaves his hometown in Virginia and ventures north. Anger and bitterness remain his constant companions until he stumbles across Shamrock Inn. Will he find the peace his soul desperately longs for? Amanda Lin loves her life in Camden, Maine, and working at the Shamrock Inn. Her parents move to Denver, Colorado, leaving an empty space in her heart, and loneliness threatens to engulf her. Will she find the love her heart deeply desires or will she remain in a state of constant loneliness?

Book Takeaway:

God has a purpose and a plan. We need to trust Him in the good and the bad.

Why the author wrote this book:

As believers, we sometimes feel like bad things shouldn't happen to us. But we live in a sin-filled world. I wanted to share Chance's story with an ending not quite expected.


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