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The Doctor's Miracle

By Joi Copeland


Pregnant and all alone, Prudence Donaldson leaves the Oregon Territory, where she buried her husband of three years. The only person she knows who will take her in is her sister, Patience Holloway, in Twin Bluffs, Wyoming. While on the stagecoach, Prudence begins to experience labor pains. She forces the driver to push hard and get her to Twin Bluffs. Upon arriving, she discovers her sister is in Colorado. Now she’s stuck in a town where she knows no one.Redmond McCoy, Twin Bluffs’ doctor for nearly three years, finds himself in a dilemma. Recognizing Patience Holloway’s twin sister, he’s forced to care for her while she’s on bedrest.They find themselves bonded together in ways they hadn’t expected. Now faced with a choice, they can stay together or go their separate ways.

Book Takeaway:

Every single person has a chance for redemption.

Why the author wrote this book:

As a sequel to The Preacher's Surprise, Prudence needed redemption. And she received it in The Doctor's Miracle!


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