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Charity and the Seven Sisters

By Joi Copeland


Tragedy can bring them together or tear them apart….. Charity Watson lost her mother at an early age. Growing up in Boston with only her father, servants, and maid, Eliza, she learned how to take care of a house, cook, and clean. When tragedy strikes and she is left an orphan, she must flee the only home she’d ever known in order to save her own life and live with Eliza’s six sisters in Hope, Montana. Will she flee danger and be free to live life as she once knew or will danger catch up to her? Rhett Lincoln loved Montana and everything his father left him on the biggest ranch in Hope, Montana. Upon returning home, he finds the one person he loves the most on the brink of death. His life turns upside down until he realizes his need for a wife. Will he find love in Hope, Montana?

Book Takeaway:

We don't know why God allows our lives to go down a certain path. We need to trust His plan is better than ours.

Why the author wrote this book:

I took on the task of writing this story with a twist on Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. It was a challenge and a lot of fun!


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