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The Preacher's Surprise

By Joi Copeland


He was looking for a bride.She was looking to help her sister.Cord Holloway is the town preacher, anxiously awaiting the arrival of the stagecoach carrying his bride-to-be. After over an hour, his gut tells him something ain’t right. The Adams sisters are traveling to Twin Bluffs, Wyoming, in order for one to start a new life as a preacher’s wife. After the bride-to-be surprises her twin with shocking news, heartbreak is sure to follow.A turn of events leads two God-fearing Christians to join their lives, even though neither one of them expected to. Will they find love or will they go their separate ways?

Book Takeaway:

We don't understand why things happen in our lives, but trusting God to take the ashes and make them beautiful is worth it!

Why the author wrote this book:

I wrote this book because I was traveling to Wyoming and saw two bluffs, and I knew it had to be the setting of a book. And so, The Preacher's Wife came to life!


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