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Christmas Lights and Love

By Joi Copeland


Will the Christmas Lights Festival bring them together or tear them apart?

Denmark Carrigan moved to Snow Globe, Montana, to start over with her two sons. Every year, she participates in the Christmas Lights Festival in hopes of finally winning. But her nemesis, Quinn Burkett, wins again and again. Hardening her heart to his charm and handsome face is easy, until he connects with her kids.

Quinn Burkett longs to get to know the saucy woman who moved to Snow Globe three years ago. Yet she knocks him down at every turn. When he spies her with a man new to town, he wonders how the man cracked her hard shell. Will he be able to win her over, or will he have to let her go?

Book Takeaway:

Be transformed by God instead of imprisoned by guilt.

Why the author wrote this book:

I struggle with guilt, whether or not it's deserved. I wrote this book to help others realize guilt imprisons us and doesn't transform us.


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