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Monterey Memories

By Gail Gaymer Martin


Three modern Californians make a good living off the land but work has kept their love lives in a drought. Will they be open when God drops love right in front of them?

Anthology of three complete novels set in the Monterey, California area:
A single father, Chad Garrison's average day goes awry when a widowed migrant worker goes into labor in his lettuce field.

Julie Maretti's familyi is rich in garlic, but garlic has literally kept love at bay. Meeting Alan Louden where they both volunteer at a soup kitchen seems like a dream come true.

Ross Cahill takes his first vacation from his ranch, staying at Alissa Greening's bed-and-breakfast with his mother. Both are busy and self-sufficient people who must stop long enough to recognize love.

Book Takeaway:

Love can find you if you accept the Lord's gift.

Why the author wrote this book:

I've enjoyed this area of the country for years and found it stimulated stories that could touch people's hearts.


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