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Dad in Training

By Gail Gaymer Martin


How is Brent Runyan supposed to reach his troubled nephew? The workaholic businessman knows nothing about providing a real home to the orphaned boy who needs him so much. Special education teacher Molly Manning thinks the answer is threefold: love, time—and a dog. But Brent can barely let his nephew into his heart, let alone a golden retriever. With his tragic past, Brent knows what can happen when you love anything: you can lose it. Until Molly asks this dad-in-training to start with the basics by letting her stay…forever.

Why the author wrote this book:

This series, Man't Best Friend, was written in memory of our daughter who fostered and taught obedience trainint to dogs in shelters. Her love and desire to find joy in pets made her a compassionate person who helped others find a purpose in life. Her faith was strong as she struggled and lost the battle with ovarian cancer. She died in September 2006


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