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Groom In Training

By Gail Gaymer Martin


Love and Four Legged Friends
A widow with a sad past, Steph Wright finds comfort in her adorable Border Collie, Fred. When scampering Fred becomes friendly with the neighbors pedigreed Bouvier, Steph meets the very handsome Nick Davis. With a broken engagement and a busy job, Nick isn't open to love and romance. Especially when Steph needs an escort to a wedding, and Nick agrees to be her no-really-date. But through dog walks, long talks and a shared love of the Lord, Steph realizes there's some unexpected groom-in-training going on too!

Book Takeaway:

Opening your heart to the Lord washes away sin and opens life to a full relationship for love.

Why the author wrote this book:

The love of dogs and the important part they play in people's lives motivated me to write this story. I also wrote it in memory of our daughter Brenda who died three years ago and who was active in training and fostering dogs so they could live and not be euthanized. Her spirit is in this book.


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