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A Dream of His Own

By Gail Gaymer Martin


The only thing philanthropist Quinn O'Neill wants is to forget the accident that took his wife and son. He doesn't expect a fender bender with a lovely stranger to change his life in a major way. Struggling single mom Ava Darnell and her teenage son have their own hardships.

What better way for him to lend a hand than through the Dreams Come True Foundation? But helping Ava means earning her trust…and having faith that dreams of healing and family just might become reality.

Book Takeaway:

Trust and giving of talent, time and treasures opens doors to love of God and others.


Year Title Description
2012 2012 Gayle Wilson Award of Excellence Chapter of RWA

Why the author wrote this book:

Giving is the theme of Dreams Comes True series, stories of thee women who belong to an organization for mothers of special kids. This book is the final in the Dreams Come True Foundation (similar to Make A Wish) amd answers the question who is the single donor and why. Each story stands alone.


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