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A Tucumcari Christmas

By Gail Gaymer Martin


Dana Littleton has been estranged from her younger sister Sky for years. Sky's promises to visit were always met with disaster, first a broken ankle in Tucumcari, New Mexico and then more promises ended in new disasters until Dayna no longer trusted her sister. But with the last cancelled promise a call comes from Sky’s landlord. The older woman invites Dayna to visit her sister there for Christmas. The strange invitation doesn’t set well, but she is driven by a vague hope and a powerful instinct to go. Once there, Dayna and Sky inch toward healing. Yet Dayna senses she is part of a matchmaking scheme. A difficult past, Dayna has tended to avoid relationships of any kind, but now her heart collides with her brain, and a battle ensues as she meets new people and watches her life change along with perceptions, attitudes, and her ability to love.

Book Takeaway:

Forgiveness is a two way situation,and often to forgive ourselves is the greatest need since we know that God has forgiveness us already.

Why the author wrote this book:

The idea of two estranged sisters captured my interest since my sister and I are the best of friends as well as siblings, and then I realized the story was better using the sister holding the greatest grudge to be the one who needed to forgive her sister and herself.


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