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The Christmas Kite

By Gail Gaymer Martin


A Mother's Love - After her in-laws paid her to disappear, single mom Meara Hayden moved to Mackinaw Island to start over. With her faith and her son's enthusiasm, she knew she could do it. But she never thought one simple kite would lead her to love again.
A Man's Journey_ Jordan Baird felt as aimless as the kites he made. After losing his family, he led a reclusive life. Then, unexpectedly, a mother and her special son made him see new possibilities, the happiness of love and faith. Did Jordan dare dream of the riches life had to offer?


Year Title Description
2004 Holt Medallion finalist

Why the author wrote this book:

One of my poems, The Kite Flyer, trigger the idea of a story using the technique to fly a kite to reflect the way relationships will fly high and not fall to the ground. I decided to write about a widow with a speical needs child and chose a child with Down Syndrom because those children have unconditional love and are the epitome of happiness.


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