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Where Wildflowers Grow

By Gail Gaymer Martin


Falling in love can be wonderful, but for Sandy Fisher and Clay Burdett, it is more like a steep mountain climb. Sandy returns to her hometown concerned about her widowed mother’s health and to heal from her job loss and her broken engagement. Though discouraged, her attitude and determination never falter, and when her car acts up and the only mechanic in town gives her the runaround, she’s determined to win the battle. Clay, scarred by his childhood, left his promising career and moved into the small town to bury emotions and guilt involving the death of his wife. But life continues to be empty, and when he meet’s spunky Sandy who challenges him and awakens his spirit, he faces his wasted life unless he conquers his past. Like opposite poles, Sandy and Clay are drawn together, seeking something deeper and more meaningful than their past choices. Yet they continue to doubt until truth softens their hearts as sand softens clay.

Book Takeaway:

Carrying the burden of any serious problem can change a life, especially if it's involving the death in a family. The main thrust of this story is seeing a strong, capable man come to realize that he could be wrong and that whatever his weakness, God has forgiven him if he can only forgive himself. Until then life will not change to bear healthy fruit.

Why the author wrote this book:

The concept of sand affecting clay inspired me to use that concept in a novel. I loved the small town of Holly, MI and used it as a backdrop for this story. The idea of a wounded hero and a more spunky heroine with problems gave me impetus to use this concept and with God's help see them grow and change.


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