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Romance By Design

By Gail Gaymer Martin


When successful interior designer Hunter Evans returns from London with his latest contract in hand, he is startled to learn a new designer with curly red hair, ruffles, and a noisy charm bracelet has been hired to add country decor to the modern design firm. And of all things, the company owner seems to enjoy putting them together on the same project And even worse, Hunter can't control his attraction to her.

Thrilled with her new prestigious position, Morgan Branigan faces opposition in the design company that had catered to modern decor. But nothing can stop her. As the only daughter in an Irish family with five brothers, she learned how to win battles. But had her brothers prepared her for the unexpected feelings that draw her to Hunter, her nemesis? Would it take more than feelings to kindle the relationship? Morgan’s only hope is God’s design.

Book Takeaway:

Love is a gift and when love is not found the impact can create a person who is always looking for something they can't find until they realize what is missing which is love.

Why the author wrote this book:

The idea of two opposites, each affected by family backgrounds and upbringing, could learn to meld into a positive and learn that with the Lord all things are possible.


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