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Samantha's Wish: A Bluecreek Ranch Christian Romance

By Ruth Kyser


Samantha's Wish takes us back to the Morgan family's Bluecreek Ranch.

With Christmas coming soon, Samantha Morgan just wants to go home.

Then a blizzard grounds her in Lincoln, Nebraska, and Samantha meets a cowboy who offers her a ride as far as Billings, Montana. Even with the warnings of her father’s voice in her head, Samantha accepts his offer.

Cody Nichols is a man looking for some place to put down roots. After years of wandering from city to city on the rodeo circuit and working odd jobs at various ranches, he’s ready to find a place where he feels at home.

When he meets Samantha at the airport in Lincoln, there was no way Cody could know what that meeting would mean for the rest of his life. Could the Bluecreek Ranch be where God wants him to stay? And what about the boss’s daughter? Where does the beautiful and feisty Samantha Morgan fit into the equation?

Samantha's Wish: A Bluecreek Ranch Christian Novel is another Christian novel by Ruth Kyser that takes us back to the Bluecreek Ranch and the Morgan family we have come to know and love.


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