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Ruth Kyser

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Ruth Kyser is a native Michigander--wife, mother, and grandmother--who writes Christian Inspirational Romance. Ruth has had a wide variety of careers in her lifetime--ranging from accounting, working at a YMCA Summer Camp for kids, owning and operating a hardware store with her husband, to being an insurance agent for twenty years. She recently retired (for the second time) from a part-time job as a church administrative assistant. Now her focus is centered on writing Christian Fiction.
Ruth is a member of American Christian Fiction Writers, and enjoys reading almost as much as she loves writing!

Ruth's Mission Statement: "My goal is to write stories that entertain, but more importantly, educate readers about Jesus Christ and His love for them."

Books by Author

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Samantha's Wish: A Bluecreek Ranch Christian Romance

Samantha's Wish takes us back to the Morgan family's Bluecreek Ranch. With Christmas coming soon, Samantha Morgan just wants to go home. Then a blizzard grounds her in Lincoln, Nebraska, and Samantha meets a cowboy who offers her a ride as far as Billings, Montana. Even with the warnings of her father’s…

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Under Scottish Skies

Under Scottish Skies continues the story from Oatcakes, Tea, and Me. Seth Prescott is a hurting and lost man. Filled with guilt over his past, he’s searching for something—even though he doesn’t know what. So, when his friends Brian and Kirstine Grant invite him to Sea View Farm in Scotland, Seth…

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Harper's Hollers

This continuation of “Marcie’s Mountains” takes us back to the Eastern Tennessee mountains for another Christian Romance. After her husband’s death, Harper Sinclair returns to the mountains of her childhood—hoping to find peace and to start a new life. That, and to be closer to her father…

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Julie's Hope: A Bluecreek Ranch Christian Novel

Will Sam Morgan and Bill Parker be able to find Julie in time to save her? When Sam Morgan finds his wife’s deserted SUV stranded along the side of the road, his first fear is that her past has finally caught up with her. After all these years of hiding the truth about who she really is, have they…

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Making Memories: A Christian Romance

After an auto accident changes her life, Kelly Wilmont moves back to her hometown of Masonville, Indiana. Feeling discouraged and abandoned by God, Kelly tries to move on with her new life and forget what has happened to her, but it isn’t easy. Then she runs into an old friend from high school at…

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Two Hearts: A Christian Romance

Victoria Hendricks arrives at the Circle Bar T Ranch in the Hill Country of Texas with enthusiasm. It’s a beautiful country with its grassy pasture lands and rolling hills—and the ranch has a reputation for being a pleasant place to visit. While she’s there, Tory hopes to do a little bit of relaxing—in…

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Joy's Song: A Bluecreek Ranch Christian Novel

"Joy’s Song—A Bluecreek Ranch Christian Novel" takes us back to Montana and the Morgan Family ranch. The story is mostly written through the eyes of Bill Parker—Sam Morgan’s former FBI employee, who is now a Field Team Leader with a lucrative career with the Bureau; and Joy Whitefox,…

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Marcie's Mountains

When Marcie Starr is given a magazine assignment to collect information and write an article about McRae’s Recycled Logs and Materials—a business specializing in saving old log cabins—she is ecstatic. Then she finds out the business is located in the mountains of East Tennessee, not far from her…

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Oatcakes, Tea, and Me

Ann Grant is in a rut. Her grandson just got married to the love of his life, and as a widow, Ann is now all alone, living in her little house in South Haven, Michigan. Then her best friend deserts Ann, and she can't help but wonder what God has planned for the rest of her life. At almost seventy-years-old,…

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September Skies - A Christian Romance

September Skies - A Christian Romance: A young widow in a small college-town in rural Michigan is looking for a purpose for her life. Hoping it’s just what she’s looking for, she accepts the part-time position as an assistant to William Connolly, a college history professor. The Professor is a serious…

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The Town Named Christmas: Plus the Christian novella, "One Last Christmas"

Who would have thought that simply hearing an old song on the radio would totally change his life? Chris O’Reilly never would have guessed what he’d find in the town of Christmas, Minnesota. He’d only planned to stop there long enough to find his old Army buddy’s family. Then he was headed to…

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A Place Called Hart's Desire

"A Place Called Hart's Desire" is a contemporary Christian romance, set in the hills of the Blue Ridge Mountains. Christian Romance Author Ellie Hathaway escapes for two weeks to a cabin in the Blue Ridge Mountains, intent on finishing her book within the deadline. Of course, it only confuses…

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Without Regrets

Can Rachel forgive herself for past decisions, and open her heart to love again? Rachel King lost everything. After her husband dies unexpectedly, she loses their home and business; she loses it all. After months of struggling, she was just starting to put her life back together when she receives a…

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Laurie's Heart (The Morgan Family Saga) (Volume 3)

"Laurie's Heart" is Book 3 in"The Morgan Family Saga" series. Clayton Morgan loves his family's cattle ranch, the Bluecreek Ranch. But after losing a college buddy to a violent crime, he makes the decision to leave the ranch and his family behind to go into law enforcement. Then…

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Clara's Heart (The Morgan Family Saga) (Volume 2)

"Clara's Heart" is Book 2 in "The Morgan Family Saga" series. Reece Morgan had always planned to return home and help run the family ranch after college, but after a difference of opinion with his father, he decides to accept a job in town. He's settling in well to his new occupation…

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Mattie's Heart (The Morgan Family Saga) (Volume 1)

"Mattie's Heart" is Book 1 in the "Morgan Family Saga" series. As a newlywed, Mattie Welch Morgan had specific ideas about what her married life would be like. None of those included going to Montana with her husband to start a cattle ranch. But after Brady Morgan decided they are…

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The Healing Hills

After Carrie Montgomery is brutally attacked by a stalker, she is invited to spend her summer with her great-aunt in the Smoky Mountain area of Tennessee. There in the hills of her ancestors she is reminded of the faith of her childhood. She also meets and strikes up a friendship with Neil Johnston,…

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Second Chances (True Cover) (Volume 3)

Book 3 of the "True Cover" series takes us back to Montana and Bluecreek Ranch. Bluecreek's foreman, Zeke Mosher, struggles with the disappearance of his fiance, Jessica Thorne, just months before their wedding. Meanwhile Sam Morgan is dealing with his dad dating again. While he attempts to…

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The Whispering Sentinel

It is said ‘you can’t go home again’, but after a cancelled wedding and the death of her father, Sandy Martin makes the decision to do just that when she returns to Michigan and her hometown of Bradford Mills. She buys her grandmother’s house, and in the process of remodeling the old house with…

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True Cover - Book 2 - Bluecreek Ranch (Volume 2)

This book continues the story which began in "True Cover". Samuel Clemens Morgan and his FBI team are back. After a shootout 'gone bad' injures all three members of the team, Sam and his team are separated for a time. As Sam tries to recover both mentally and physically, he starts to doubt…

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True Cover

In a matter of 24 hours, Sarah Masters lost everything that was important to her - her job, her friends, her house. Now a madman is hunting her down to kill her, and the only ones stopping him are the FBI Agents who have pledged to keep her safe. But in the process of protecting her, these FBI Agents…

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Endless Season (Volume 1)

It was only to be a vacation -- a two-week respite from her work, and a chance to visit with friends. But when a young widow named Jennifer Marlowe takes a trip to Manchester, England to visit old chums, the plans change. Instead of touring the city of Manchester, she ends up in the Scottish Highlands…

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The Dove and The Raven: The Dove and The Raven - A Christian Historial Romance (Volume 1)

He awoke to discover he didn't know who he was or anything about his past. "The Dove & The Raven" is set during the final years of America's battle for freedom from the British Monarchy - the American Revolutionary War. The story line is told through the eyes of both Hannah Stewart and…

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