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BEN IN CHARGE: A Ben Mitchell/TItus Ray Thriller

By Luana Ehrlich


Operation Concerned Citizen will be Ben’s first assignment as the primary officer in charge of a mission. When Titus learns it’s a simple mission with a clear objective but requires a complicated plan, he questions whether Ben will be able to handle it. When he discovers there are underlying circumstances, he questions whether he’ll be able to let Ben handle it.

It’s a simple mission . . .
Ben, as head of an operational team that includes Titus, will escort Boris Khrasnoff, a Russian defector, and his daughter back to the U.S.

It has a clear objective . . .
Since the defector has intel about the Kremlin’s secret plans to invade a neighboring country, the mission’s objective is to make sure Russian military intelligence is not aware of Boris Khrasnoff’s intentions to defect.

It requires a complicated plan . . .
Ben and Titus, along with a woman from the U.S. State Department, will pose as members of a delegation to an economic summit in Brussels, Belgium, a summit Boris Khrasnoff will attend as part of the Russian delegation.

There are underlying circumstances . . .
Ben has doubts about a woman on the team, while Titus is concerned about the reliability of an old acquaintance. Ultimately, both men have issues with their respective roles in the operation.

When the simple mission proves difficult, Titus discovers he’s not the man he thought he was, and he’s not the man he wants to be. He’s a man learning to live out his faith while living in the shadows, and sometimes those shadows aren’t shadows at all.

Book Takeaway:

Trying to live out one's faith in the midst of adverse circumstances doesn't always go the way we expect.

Why the author wrote this book:

I wrote this book to explore the relationship between Titus Ray and Ben Mitchell in the context of an overseas CIA operation.


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