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FIVE YEARS IN YEMEN: A Titus Ray Thriller (Book 5)

By Luana Ehrlich


A CIA contractor goes missing in Iraq. Five years later, he turns up in Yemen.
Now, it’s up to Titus to find out if he’s a traitor or a patriot.

After Titus accepts an assignment to bring rogue CIA contractor Jacob Levin back to the States, he learns the operation has been put on hold pending Presidential approval. That’s fine with him. He’s looking forward to spending time in Oklahoma with his fiancée, Nikki Saxon.

But then, his boss needs a favor.

After that, everything changes.

It begins in Springfield, Missouri . . .

Where he interviews a former CIA employee about the missing Jacob Levin.

It continues in Detroit, Michigan . . .

Where he and Nikki spend Thanksgiving with his relatives.

It leads to Riyadh, Saudi Arabia . . .

Where he encounters a killer.

It ends in Somahi, Yemen . . .

Where he finally discovers the truth.

Along the way, he’s forced to deal with issues about his personal life, confront questions about his past, and make decisions about his future. Can he trust God for the answers? Will Nikki agree with his decision? How will he handle the outcome?

Book Takeaway:

I want my readers to sense the spiritual growth of a new Christian who takes God's Word seriously, but who has very few opportunities to engage with other Christians or attend Bible studies or traditional worship services. I hope this takeaway occurs while being entertained with a spy thriller.

Why the author wrote this book:

Book V in the Titus Ray Thriller Series is the continuing story of CIA operative Titus Ray and his journey with the Lord while fulfilling his duties as an intelligence officer. It's also the continuing love story between Nikki Saxon and Titus Ray, and in this book, they draw closer together and set a wedding date.


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