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BEN: Ben Mitchell/Titus Ray Thrillers, Books 1-3

By Luana Ehrlich


Ben in Love – Book 1
Is Ben really in love with the daughter of a Turkish dissident?
Titus Ray isn't buying it, but when he follows him to a safehouse in northern Virginia, he discovers Ben’s deception is more dangerous than he thought.

Ben in Charge – Book 2
Can Ben handle his first assignment as a primary officer even when it turns deadly?
When Ben is put in charge of bringing a Russian defector to the U.S., the mission seems simple enough, but when things get complicated, Titus questions if Ben can handle it. After he discovers there are underlying circumstances, Titus questions whether he can let Ben handle it.

Ben in Trouble – Book 3
Will Ben’s scheme to impress the CIA director keep him out of a desk job?
Ben convinces Titus to help him showcase his skills as an intelligence officer by volunteering for an upcoming mission to Venezuela. Unfortunately, Titus discovers there’s a problem with Ben’s plan. Well, several problems.

Why the author wrote this book:

I compiled the box set to provide readers with the experience of binge reading this popular series.


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