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TWO DAYS TAKEN: A Mylas Grey Mystery

By Luana Ehrlich


Private investigator Mylas Grey is anticipating photographer Whitney Engel's visit to Washington.
He's been planning their itinerary, looking forward to spending time with her, and wondering if the spark between them will ignite into a roaring fire.

He isn't anticipating having to do a favor for Senator Allen.
However, the favor isn't supposed to take more than two days. All he has to do is take a trip up to Baltimore, spend a couple of days investigating a matter for another senator, and then he'll have the rest of the week to entertain Whitney.

But then . . .
He wasn't anticipating having an encounter with a psychopath.
When Mylas realizes the man he's investigating has a dark side to him, and he starts digging into his background a little further, it sets off a series of events that puts his own life, as well as Whitney's, in grave danger.

Which means . . .
He must rely on his faith to overcome the danger.
Mylas is a smart man, a highly skilled investigator, and a man of means. Yet, when he's confronted with a threat he never imagined, he must depend on his fledgling faith or he could lose everything.

Book II in the Mylas Grey Mystery Series is a clean, nail-biting mystery, involving complex personalities, developing relationships, and a man learning about his newfound faith.

If you enjoy an engaging, multilayered mystery with a vulnerable, endearing hero, someone who will make you cry one minute and laugh the next, you'll love this book!

Book Takeaway:

Living out one's faith in the real world is a difficult prospect, but by reading God's Word and having companions who are also trying to live out their faith, it is possible to do so.

Why the author wrote this book:

This is Book II in the Mylas Grey Mystery Series and continues the story begun in Book I with the conversion of Mylas and the meeting of his love interest, Whitney Engel.


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