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ONE STEP BACK: A Titus Ray Thriller (The Prequel)

By Luana Ehrlich


Titus goes on the run from the secret police after trying to recruit a nuclear scientist in Iran.

For the past two years, Titus Ray, CIA intelligence officer, has been in Iran recruiting assets willing to feed him intel on the Iranian opposition. When he unexpectedly meets Amir Madani, one of Iran’s premier nuclear scientist, he can’t resist the opportunity to pursue him as a CIA asset.

Although Chaman, a beautiful Iranian socialite, warns Titus to stay away from Madani, he ignores her advice and befriends the nuclear scientist. The consequences prove disastrous for Titus, and, as the secret police close in on him, he’s forced to find shelter with a group of Iranian Christians, who risk their own lives to save his.

One Step Back, a Titus Ray Thriller novella, is the prequel to One Night in Tehran, Book I in the Titus Ray Thriller Series.

Book Takeaway:

God is continually at work in the lives of unbelievers--even hardened CIA intelligence officers--to bring them to the cross.

Why the author wrote this book:

One Step Back is the prequel to One Night in Tehran, Book I in the Titus Ray Thriller Series. After reading the series, readers asked for more of the backstory of how CIA operative Titus Ray met the Iranian Christians in Tehran and became a follower of Christ.


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