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FIVE STEPS BEYOND: A Titus Ray Thriller

By Luana Ehrlich


CIA covert operative Titus Ray took five steps. But not just any steps.
They were five steps beyond his expectations, five steps beyond his experience, five steps beyond his past.

He took five steps beyond his expectations . . .
When Titus is summoned to the White House, he expects to be offered a Top Secret assignment. What he doesn’t expect is where that assignment will take him, and how he’ll survive if he accepts it.

He took five steps beyond his experience . . .
Even though Titus has been through a lot in his twenty-year career with the Agency, he’s never had to learn about uranium enrichment, he’s never had his appearance altered, he’s never had to be a marriage counselor.

He took five steps beyond his past . . .
Operation Strike Out finds Titus revisiting his past to prevent the Iranians from developing a nuclear weapon to destroy Israel. When he discovers the tentacles of his past are reaching into his present, seeking to destroy his future, he realizes he has to act quickly.

Will his prayers be answered in time or has his time come to an end?

Book Takeaway:

Each Christian has a spiritual gift, even CIA covert operatives, who can witness of their faith even while on a mission.

Why the author wrote this book:

Five Steps Beyond is Book Nine in the Titus Ray Thriller Series and continues to story of CIA operative Titus Ray as he learns to live out his newfound faith in the shadowy world of espionage, while also navigating being a husband and father.


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