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BEN IN TROUBLE: A Ben Mitchell/Titus Ray Thriller

By Luana Ehrlich


CIA operative, Titus Ray, is used to helping his protégé, Ben Mitchell, stay out of trouble.
This time, though, Ben’s trouble is brought on by his father, Senator Elijah Mitchell.

When a shakeup in the leadership at the CIA opens up the division head position at the Russian desk, Senator Mitchell uses his influence to recommend Ben for the job. The problem is, Ben doesn’t want a desk job. He’s content being a covert operative.

To thwart his father’s efforts, Ben plans to showcase his skills as an intelligence officer by volunteering for an upcoming mission to Venezuela, believing that once the CIA Deputy Director is aware of his impressive abilities, he would never consider him for a desk job.

However, to do this, Ben needs Titus’s help, and although Titus agrees to be part of the operation, he quickly discovers there’s a problem with Ben’s plan. Well, several problems.

First, Ben gets focused on one aspect of the operation and fails to see the big picture . . .
The objective of Operation Baseless Claim is to gain intel on an Iranian military base being built on Venezuelan soil, but when Titus gets concerned about what else the Iranians are doing, Ben isn’t interested in hearing it.

Second, Ben is distracted by the female member of the operational team . . .
Helina Vargas, an attractive, vivacious woman, is the third person on the operational team and captures Ben’s attention the moment they’re introduced. Unfortunately, Ben’s attention needs to be on the operation.

Third, Ben fails to recognize an obvious threat to operational security . . .
As the mission reaches its apex, and the protocols have to be changed, Ben’s inexperience becomes evident, threatening the operation itself.

Suddenly, both men find themselves in trouble, more trouble than they ever expected. Can Titus get them out of the mess they’re in, or will Ben salvage the operation and bring it to a successful conclusion? And what then? Is Ben still destined to take a desk job?


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