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The Camelot Conspiracy

By Diane Munson/David Munson


"The Camelot Conspiracy" rocks with a sinister plot even more menacing than the headlines. Former DC insiders Diane and David Munson feature a brash TV reporter, Kat Kowicki, who receives an ominous email that throws her into the high stakes conspiracy of John F. Kennedy’s assassination. When Kat uncovers evidence Lee Harvey Oswald did not act alone, she turns for help to Federal Special Agents Eva Montanna and Griff Topping who uncover the chilling truth: A shadow government threatens to tear down the very foundation of the American justice system. The Munsons’ thrillers are companion books, with characters reappearing in other novels, but each begins and ends a new story.

Why the author wrote this book:

Again we've written a thriller around facts that we learned in our dangerous and exciting careers. This is our first of three novels that brings history to life as Kat examines historical evidence in the JFK assassination. While working for the FBI in Chicago and while attending college, David learned the Chicago FBI office and the Chicago PD were involved in the investigation of President Kennedy's assassination. Lee Harvey Oswald bought the gun he used, in Chicago. We've re-examined the evidence through the research of Kat Kowicki, the TV reporter who appears in our first two novels. Based on a tip from a retired Chicago police detective, she finds herself the target of some of the same high ranking government officials she had encountered in her beat in Washington, which are inspired by our experiences there.


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