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Redeeming Liberty

By Diane/David Munson


In this timely thriller by ExFeds Diane and David Munson (former Federal Prosecutor and Federal Agent), parole officer Dawn Ahern is shocked to witness her friend Liberty, the chosen bride of Wally (former “lost boy” from Sudan) being kidnapped by modern-day African slave traders. Dawn tackles overwhelming danger head-on in her quest to redeem Liberty. When she reaches out to FBI agent Griff Topping and CIA agent Bo Rider, her life is changed forever. Suspense soars as Bo launches a clandestine rescue effort for Liberty only to discover a deadly Iranian secret threatening the lives of millions of Americans and Israelis.Glimpse tomorrow’s startling headlines in this captivating story of faith and freedom under fire.

Book Takeaway:

A story of bravery, Christians redeeming hostages, and a Federal agent finding love and faith.

Why the author wrote this book:

It was our privilege to meet 4 Sudanese "Lost Boys and Girls" who were attending seminary in hopes of returning to help their people. After learning of their harrowing stories of running thousands of miles, and escaping drought, famine, and wild animals, we wrote an international thriller about our character Wally, a lost boy who is "adopted" by FBI Agent Griff Topping and wants to return to South Sudan to marry Liberty, a lost girl. Before they can wed, Wally is wrongfully accused of a crime in Virginia, and Liberty is taken into slavery by Islamic raiders. It is our hope that readers will be enlightened about international human trafficking.


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