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Night Flight

By Diane Munson, David Munson


CIA agent Bo Rider is forced to relocate his family when his life is endangered by his previous assignment. He adopts a retired Homeland Security search dog for his teens, Glenna and Gregg. To the teens' surprise while on an outing, Blaze captures some major counterfeiters, so they and Blaze seek asylum at their grandparents on Treasure Island in Florida. Join with these teens as they and Blaze embark on a campaign to bust up another criminal enterprise and demonstrate God’s love to others.

Book Takeaway:

This heartwarming intergenerational story of teenagers and grandparents coming together in times of trouble reveals that even in an adventure story, this family learns how to show the love of Jesus to an ill teen and a young girl who is homeless.

Why the author wrote this book:

When teenagers Glenna and Gregg Rider are forced to relocate with their CIA Agent father Bo Rider after events in "The Joshua Covenant," we wanted readers to enjoy their next adventure after they adopt a retired law enforcement dog. These dogs are such a key part of America's justice system. Blaze is based on the number one search dog in the nation. Not only do Gregg and Glenna solve crimes, they also demonstrate love to other teens in need.


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