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Stolen Legacy

By Diane Munson, David Munson


"Stolen Legacy" by Diane and David Munson, tells the daunting tale of Germany invading Holland, and the heroes who dare to resist by hiding Jews. Federal agent Eva Montanna stops protecting America long "enough to visit her grandfather’s farm and help write a memoir of his dangerous time under Nazi control. Eva is shocked to uncover a plot to harm Grandpa Marty. Memories are tested as secrets from Marty’s time in the Dutch resistance and later service in the Monuments Men of the U.S. Army fuel this betrayal. The Munsons’ eighth thriller unveils priceless relics and a stolen legacy, forever changing Eva’s life and her faith.

Book Takeaway:

A modern suspense served up with WWII history, inspired by real heroes.

Why the author wrote this book:

This thriller has been fifteen years in the making and is a labor of love. Family and friends from the Netherlands lived through the Nazi invasion. We wanted to write a realistic portrayal of the heroes of the Dutch Resistance who managed to save countless Jewish lives, and of the U.S. Army group called The Monuments Men, who saved many priceless art works of Christendom. Federal Agent Eva Montanna's Grandpa Marty is orphaned and sails to live with his only living Aunt in the Netherlands. The very next day, Zeeland is attacked by Germany and Marty is caught behind enemy lines. Decades later he is targeted by an unknown enemy and Eva must search his secret past for clues. In her quest, she and her family uncover the true worth of their beloved grandfather as well as their true legacy.


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