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The Joshua Covenant

By Diane Munson, David Munson


God’s covenants to His people take center stage as CIA Agent Bo Rider races to help Israel defeat a dangerous enemy amidst unfolding Bible prophecy. After years of clandestine spying, Bo’s new assignment plunges him into Middle East intrigue at the U.S. Embassy in Tel Aviv where he is rocked by a menacing plot against America’s ally. Julia immerses herself in her role as a diplomatic wife in the ancient land where Jesus lived, only to discover the life changing truths of God’s promises for the end days. Meanwhile sinister forces challenge Bo’s loyalty. His battle to regain his stature tests his very core. Will Bo survive the greatest threat ever to his career, his family, and his life?

Book Takeaway:

God has a plan for His people and Believers who follow Jesus can stand on His promises no matter the difficulties they face. CIA Agent Bo Rider and his wife Julia find much more than adventure when they take a new assignment in Israel--they find the living God.

Why the author wrote this book:

Turbulent times call for true answers, which we strive to reveal in "The Joshua Covent," as well as weaving in shocking twists for CIA agent Bo Rider. The deeper we dug into the plot, we realized this thriller is meant to provide an anchor and explore God's promises during storms of life. It is based on truth and is inspired by David Munson's career with NCIS and counter-intelligence.


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