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Confirming Justice

By Diane Munson/David Munson


In Confirming Justice, the second thriller by ExFeds, Diane/David Munson (Ex-Federal Prosecutor/Ex-Federal undercover agent), all eyes are on Federal Judge Dwight Pendergast who is secretly in line for nomination to the Supreme Court, and presiding over a bribery case involving a cabinet secretary’s son. When the key prosecution witness disappears, FBI agent Griff Topping risks his life to save the case while powerful enemies seek to entangle the judge in a web of corruption and deceit. Diane and David Munson masterfully create plot twists and fast-paced intrigue in this family friendly portrayal of what transpires behind the scenes at the center of power. The Munsons’ thrillers are companion books, with characters reappearing in other novels, but each begins and ends a new story.

Book Takeaway:

This thriller weaves in real life issues as Federal Agents and Federal Judges deal with adoption, organ transplants, and family relationships, against a backdrop of those in power trying to silence opponents.

Why the author wrote this book:

In our 'factional fiction' we wrap a novel around the exciting cases and events of our dangerous and exciting careers. During the five years we lived in Washington, D.C., Diane served President Reagan in issues related to our justice system and David served on the U.S. Senate Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations. In "Confirming Justice" we give the reader an insider's glimpse at the tumultuous appointment process for Supreme Court judges. This thriller also reveals one of David's undercover drug smuggling cases in Florida, which eventually lead to the indictment and conviction in the U.S. of a foreign dictator.


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