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Fine, Feathered Friend

By Kathleen E. Kovach


Actress Glenys Bernard is torn between the possibilities of a career-changing role that requires she be able to handle a falcon and the deep-seated fear that has affected most of her life.

When Glenys runs screaming from an educational tour at his raptor rescue center, Tim figures her desertion is her loss. But when she shows up again, determined to overcome her phobia, he finds his aversion to the actress being challenged by this enigmatic, dedicated, and often funny young woman.

Glenys knows in her head that fear is not of God, but the wall keeping that knowledge from settling in her heart is well established. Will Tim's patient teaching break through, or will her fear put them all in danger?

Book Takeaway:

Fear is for the birds!

Why the author wrote this book:

This story has morphed many times since it's inception. At first, I wrote it for a novella project. Our team of four writers had decided to write about exotic pets. The project was rejected, but I always loved the story. So, I changed quite a bit, having to add 25K words, and it developed into a raptor rescue tale. It always amazes me when the characters fill in gaps for me.


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