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Postmark: Christmas

By Kathleen E. Kovach


People from around the country send their mail to Christmas, Florida, to receive a special Christmas postmark, but will four couples find their holidays stamped for romance? Kathleen E. Kovach's story is "A Blessed Angel Came": Ever since the accident that claimed her father’s life and left her sister in a wheelchair, Gabi Archer has retreated into herself. Photographer David Preston challenges her as he sees the strong and passionate person with a message to tell. Can David draw Gabi out of her shell, or will his past cause her to withdraw further?

Book Takeaway:

God never bestows his gifts on inadequate people.

Why the author wrote this book:

This question always takes me by surprise. I rarely have a deep reason why I write anything. I was approached to be one of four authors in the novella collection because I lived in Florida for ten years before moving to Colorado. The characters "told" me who they were, what their deepest needs were, etc. None of the plot came from my own experiences or desires.


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