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Crossroads Bay

By Kathleen E. Kovach


Meranda Drake is determined to prove to her community and family--and maybe herself--that the search for a long-lost family treasure that led to her father's death wasn't a wild goose chase.

When Paul Godfrey meets Meranda, it isn't exactly the way he envisioned meeting the woman of his dreams. Hanging over the rail of a boat, fighting fear and nausea, wasn't in the picture. Nor was he imagining a woman who could talk him into risking his reputation and business for a family legend--but there she was.

Meranda's stubborn determination and blind conviction soon lead her into situations that neither she nor Paul can manage on their own. When the only way out requires reliance on God, will Meranda trust Him or let the bitterness of her father's death keep her from knowing the real truth?

Book Takeaway:

Often we seek our own paths instead of relying on God to lead us in our best interest.


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