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Oregon Weddings

By Kathleen E. Kovach


After suffering a painful childhood, Skye Randall is finally happy as an adult. . .until he gets word his birth mother, Hannie, is in a coma. When Skye shows up on Hannie's alpaca ranch, Ruthanne Fairfax struggles to believe her wonderful employer could be the same woman who caused the bitter pain in the heir apparent. Will past hurts be a roadblock on their path to love?
Meranda Drake is determined to prove the search for a long-lost family treasure that led to her father's death wasn't a wild goose chase. Paul Godfrey never imagined the woman of his dreams would talk him into risking his reputation and business for a family legend. Will Meranda's stubborn determination lead them into situations from which only God can rescue them?
Actress Glenys Bernard has the opportunity for a career-changing role, but it requires she handle a falcon. Will the patient teaching of raptor rescuer Tim Vogel help Glenys overcome her trepidation, or will her fear put them both in danger?
Will God give each couple's love the direction they desperately need?

Book Takeaway:

It's hard to pinpoint one takeaway since the three stories present such different themes, but if I must lump it into one, it would be to always lean on God and trust Him even when things seem bleak.

Why the author wrote this book:

This is Barbour 3-in-1 anthology comprised of my Oregon series written for Heartsong Presents. I wanted to write about Oregon, even though my home is in Colorado, because I have family there and have visited many times. I love the different facets of this beautiful state. I wanted to explore the themes of forgiveness, yielding to God's will, and trust in the three stories I've presented. And what better way than placing these stories in such diverse settings as an artsy town, the rugged coast, and a hamlet nesting in the mountains.


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