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Florida Weddings

By Lynn A. Coleman, Kristy Dykes, Kathleen E. Kovach


These fast-paced, simmering Florida romances are the perfect read while relaxing on the beach or reclining on the couch. Here you'll encounter the stories of three very different women. Renee Austin, accused of crimes she didn't commit, finds her relationship and reputation in jeopardy. Jeris Waldron and her wounded heart seem unprepared to take on a readymade family. Bethany Hamilton, haunted by death and loss, cannot seem to escape her past, no matter where she hides. Do these three females have the faith and the fortitude to follow their hearts under the Floridian sun?

Kathleen E. Kovach's story in this compilation is Merely Players. When a dolphin trainer is reunited with her first love, now an A-list actor, she masks her emotions while making him jump through hoops to win back her affections. All the world's a stage and all people are merely players, but God is the director.

Book Takeaway:

Everyone wears masks. But God knows who we are on the inside. With His help, we can lower those masks and be who He intended us to be.


Year Title Description
2007 Inspirational Reader's Choice Contest 2nd place, Short Contemporary Category

Why the author wrote this book:

I lived in Fort Walton Beach, Florida for ten years during my husband's Air Force years. That is the setting for this book. When I learned that the Gulfarium offered therapy sessions with dolphins, I became intrigued. A seed planted itself and nearly a decade later, this book was the result.


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