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God Gave the Song

By Kathleen E. Kovach


Skye has spent his entire life dealing with abandonment issues. But as an adult, he's finally happy...until the day he gets a call from a lawyer saying his hippie mother, Hannie, is in a coma. When Skye shows up on Hannie's alpaca ranch as the surprised and hostile heir apparent, Ruthanne struggles to believe that her wonderful employer could be the same woman who caused the pain in Skye's eyes. Will Skye and Ruthanne allow their unforgiveness to keep them bound and unfulfilled, or will God use a strange situation to heal their past hurts and anger?

Book Takeaway:

When you choose not to forgive someone, it's like a weed that will break out eventually.


Year Title Description
2009 Heartsong Presents Survey Favorite Romance Novel - 9th place
2009 Heartsong Presents Survey Favorite Cover - 7th place


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