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Big Secrets, Little Lies - Butler Family Legacy Book One

By Pat Nichols


Growing up, Daisy Butler spent countless hours in her mother’s private retreat poring over hundreds of newspaper clippings featuring relatives who didn’t know or care that she existed.

Recruiting her wealthy grandfather’s business for a prestigious New York law firm is junior associate, Daisy’s golden ticket to a partnership. There’s only one problem. The partners have no idea that she’s never met Curtis Butler, the man whose name her father forbids spoken in his home. Will she attempt to connect with her grandfather and save her career? Or will she risk losing her job to protect her relationship with her father? Daisy’s budding romance with Michael Warner, the partner who holds sway over her career, further complicates her moral dilemma. When an investigative journalist captures her heart, she must choose between the two men who are as different as salt and sugar.

Ashamed of her birthmark-stained cheek and tainted past, Daisy’s mother, Poppy Butler, lives a quiet life away from strangers’ stares and ridicule. Until David Lambert seeks to solve her mother’s thirty-five-year-old disappearance. To find justice for Rose Fowler, Poppy is forced to reveal secrets hidden in her private retreat—the same clapboard shack where she and her sister, Pansy, hid when their mother entertained men for a living. While Poppy helps Daisy and David pursue her mother’s case, will her husband, Danny, reveal the reason he holds his family in contempt, or will he continue to keep details about his past locked deep inside?

Why the author wrote this book:

Book one in the Butler Family Legacy series.


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