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Bridges, Books, and Bones - Willow Falls Series Book Four

By Pat Nichols


Following the premier of her first movie role, Rachel Streetman Bricker flies to romantic Venice, Italy, to star in a major motion picture. The six-week trip forces her to face the grim truth. She’ll spend her first wedding anniversary an ocean away from Charlie. Adding to her anxiety, a ruthless publicist initiates a social media fiasco that threatens her reputation in Willow Falls, the town she’s grown to love. When Rachel befriends her female costar’s teenage daughter and learns how her mother’s lifestyle affects her family, she questions if living the dream comes at a price she’s unwilling to pay.

Rachel’s twin, Emily Hayes can’t get a break. The release of her second novel about Willow Falls is upstaged when a bulldozer unearths a skull and buried bones. The discovery compels curious residents to set up camp at the dig site. After a crime investigation television crew arrives on the scene, the sheriff recruits Emily and the new mayor to shadow the lead investigator, nicknamed She Dragon. In a town where everyone knows everyone’s business, will outsiders, a decades-old letter, and rumors from the past help solve the crime or force the most vocal resident to flee from shame?

Why the author wrote this book:

To finish the four book Willow Falls series.


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