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Jenny's Grace

By Pat Nichols


How far will Jenny run to escape the dark secrets that hold her heart hostage?

After ten years, five cities, and dozens of restaurants, Chef Jenny Collins packs all of her possessions in her car and seeks another new beginning—this time in Madison, Georgia. Desperate for cash, she settles for a job serving customers and making donuts at Lou’s Coffee Shop—a far cry from her gourmet signature dishes. When she meets handsome real-estate agent, Sam Gibson, she pegs him as another short-term fling, until she makes the mistake of falling in love. To protect him from the truth about her past, she restrains her emotions, hoping he’ll settle for friendship.

A regular at Lou’s Coffee Shop, Sam is still reeling from a broken engagement when Jenny walks into his office, broke and needing a place to rent. Eager to please her, he secures the one place she can afford to live—the apartment above his grandfather’s garage. As his infatuation grows, Jenny’s mixed signals confuse and frustrate him. Despite his sister’s warnings, he follows his grandfather’s advice and vows to capture Jenny’s heart.

When tragedy strikes, will Jenny find her way into Sam’s arms and tell him the shocking truth, or will she flee to another new beginning and keep her dark secret hidden forever?


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