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The Trouble in Willow Falls

By Pat Nichols


Scathing publicity threatens to undermine Redding Arms’ grand opening and Willow Falls debut as a North Georgia tourist destination.
Rachel Streetman is one audition away from advancing her lackluster acting career. The shocking outcome sends her reeling back into Charlie Bricker’s arms. Following a successful audition for a respected director, she faces a moral dilemma. Another career disappointment could crush her dream.
After waiting for months to hear from publishers, Emily Hayes receives one response—a rejection. When famous artist Naomi Jasper offers her much-needed cash to finish writing, then cast and direct a play about Willow Falls’ colorful history, Emily faces a difficult decision—postpone rewriting her novel or accept the project. After convincing Rachel to partner with her, she agrees to take on the play. Failure to deliver is not an option.

Book Takeaway:

Everyone deserves a second chance.

Why the author wrote this book:

To continue the Willow Falls series.


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