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Truth and Forgiveness - Butler Family Series Book Two

By Pat Nichols


An unsolved crime and shocking new evidence risk splitting the Butler family apart. The emotional story of a family discovering the truth about the past continues.

Daisy Butler’s growing feelings for investigative journalist, David Lambert, escalate while her father’s indecision sends her career plummeting to a standstill. Driven by uncertainty about her future and longing to find answers to her family's mystery, she collaborates with David to reopen the investigation into Rose Fowler’s thirty-five-year-old disappearance. New evidence about her grandmother’s death plus a surprise visit trigger a troublesome lawsuit. Does Michael Warner volunteer to take the case to protect his firm’s interests, or is he driven by lingering romantic feelings for Daisy?

Caught between her middle child’s ambition and her husband’s indecision about an uncashed check, Poppy Butler walks a tightrope. Tasked with helping her oldest daughter, Daisy, create a list of pros and cons to guide Danny’s choice, she faces her own internal turmoil. When unexpected, outside forces threaten her family, Poppy must find the strength to protect the people she loves.

Why the author wrote this book:

Book two, Butler Family Legacy series.


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