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Like a Dance

By Delia Latham


Ballroom dancer Teela Vincent abandons a promising career to raise the child her lifelong friend leaves behind when she’s killed in a tragic accident. Two years later, Teela is happy teaching dance, leading a praise dance team at church, and loving little Kinsley. On a rare vacation with the child she now considers her own, Teela visits Hummingbird Hollow, expecting only to stop for a day or two of rest before continuing the cross-country road trip she has planned for the two of them. But Inn the Hollow isn’t just any bed and breakfast…and the man she meets there isn’t just any man. Still, Teela has vowed to focus all her energies on her daughter, and she won’t let a handsome face and charming manner sway her resolve.Booth Meadows—successful therapist to Hollywood’s rich and famous—is fed up, worn down and burnt out. On a spur-of-the-moment break, he trails a friend to Hummingbird Hollow, and is delighted to find one-time celebrity Teela Vincent staying at the same bed and breakfast. Booth has admired the beautiful dancer since he spotted her on a television competition dance show a couple of years ago. But he must do so only from a distance. She needs a husband who can be a good dad, and Booth has a long bloodline of reasons to never be a dad.What will happen when these two burning stars collide?

Book Takeaway:

Surrender: letting go and letting God

Why the author wrote this book:

Like a Dance is the third novella in the Hummingbird Hollow series. I've enjoyed writing this series set in a privately owned hollow in Northwest Arkansas, near Eureka Springs. I love hummingbirds, and this entire series revolves around a bed and breakfast where the owner is considered a hummingbird whisperers -- by every one else. Toni just considers the little creatures her friends. I had a wonderful time with these stories.


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