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A Christmas Beau

By Delia Latham


Katie Knowles’ life is going just as she planned. Even her long-time crush on her sister’s boss, Cameron Hilliard, has fallen into place. The two have become what most people consider “an item,” and Katie knows Cameron cares for her. Deeply. But something keeps him from committing completely to their relationship.
Cam finds himself wading the murky waters of love a bit later than most men. He’s thirty-two when the love bug finally bites. At twenty-four, Katie’s so young. So pure. So innocent. Although he’s at peace with his past and has found Christ, Cam can claim none of those things. Is it fair to ask a special woman like Katie to tie her future to his?
Then Katie comes face to face with a ghost from a part of Cam's past he’d like to erase, and he faces the very real possibility of losing her. Suddenly their differences no longer matter. He has to find a way to set the situation right, face the consequence of his most shameful secret, and win back Katie’s trust and love.
But when the clock strikes midnight on Christmas day, it’ll be too late. Is their faith and love strong enough to bring them a real-life Christmas miracle?

Book Takeaway:

Hold on to what you believe, and the promises you make yourself and God. No matter how impossible it might look at times, God's got it in control...and it's so worth the wait!

Why the author wrote this book:

A Christmas Beau is part of Pelican Book Group's Pure Amore imprint, which encourages purity in unmarried relationships. I love thinking that something I write in one of my books might encourage some young woman to keep herself pure for the man she will someday marry. Also, this book's heroine, Katie Knowles' sister was the heroine in my Pure Amore Christmas title a couple of years ago, Jingle Belle. It was fun returning to Pohono, OK for Katie's story.


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