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A Cowboy Christmas

By Tanya Stowe & Delia Latham


Layne Mabrey is on the run. Determined to hide their Down Syndrome daughter from the world, her ex-husband wants to have six-year-old Chloe institutionalized, but Layne will go to any lengths to keep her child. Dex Beckett falls immediately in love with both Layne and Chloe, but Layne can't afford to get close to anyone--not even the shy, gentle cowboy next door. She and Chloe have to be ready to run at any moment. Concerned that Chloe's sudden creation of an imaginary friend could be used to substantiate her father's claims, Layne is shocked when Dex offers an unbelievable opinion about the child's invisible visitor. But there's more to Heart's Haven than meets the eye. Is it possible a Christmas miracle awaits Layne and Chloe on the Heart's Haven Angel Tree?

Book Takeaway:

Faith in God will never fail to carry us through the hard times...and He will always come through, though not always in the way we expect or hope for. And learning to trust again after being hurt isn't easy, but with God, it's not impossible, and always rewarding.

Why the author wrote this book:

A Cowboy Christmas is a Heart's Haven bonus Christmas story. Tanya Stowe and I wrote it as a submission to Pelican Book Group's Christmas Extravaganza.


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