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Never the Twain

By Delia Latham


Hollywood agent Cass Townsend makes a more-than-satisfactory living helping talented, “wannabe” actors become stars. Thanks to a younger brother who made it big in Hollywood and then estranged himself from his family, rugged Texas horse rancher Ryder Hayes sports oversized chips on both very broad shoulders toward celebrities. He’s not convinced any good at all can come out of Hollywood. She’s prim and proper to a fault. He’s laid back and fun-loving, with a streak of pure mischief. Ryder’s a good man, but not a Christian—not by a Texas mile. Cass can’t remember missing a single Sunday service since childhood. They’re the epitome of polar opposites, and never the twain shall meet…or so the saying goes. But things don’t always happen quite as one might expect in Hummingbird Hollow.

Book Takeaway:

We do damage, not good, when we stubbornly hold the reins to our lives instead of surrendering them to Chrit.

Why the author wrote this book:

I still saw more stories in Hummingbird Hollow... :)


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