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By Delia Latham


Tim Kerschner’s attachment to a solitary aspen on property he inherits goes much deeper than aesthetics. Can he make landscape architect Ryann Dean understand his refusal to let her chop down this single tree in a forest of them?
Ryann loves her job in Bliss, Oregon. Junior high teacher Tim Kerschner, on the other hand, she’d be happy to have never met. The man’s handsome face loses any appeal in light of his arrogance and obvious inclination to violence—the latter of which Ryann despises for reasons close to her heart.
A visit to what lies within the branches of the controversial tree could give them both a whole new outlook on life...and on each other.

Book Takeaway:

I pray every reader experiences the joy, the delicious sense of secrecy and solitude, the "rightness" of a treehouse in this short story - especially if the missed having that experience as a child.

Why the author wrote this book:

I started writing Treehouse for White Rose Publishing's Hearts Crossing contest, but never finished it. Finally decided, since I liked the characters I had developed, to do something with it as a short story. I hope my readers like these six chapters of speedilyl developing romance as much as I do!


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