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My Heart Belongs in Galveston, Texas

By Kathleen Y'Barbo


Dodging bullets takes a simple missing person case to a new level as Jonah Cahill, a Pinkerton agent, and Madeline Latour, an investigative reporter, form a tentative truce in Galveston, Texas, 1880. Are they on to a much bigger story when their best witness is suddenly kidnapped?

Book Takeaway:

God always gets the last word. We tell him our plans and wait for him to approve of them. Or sometimes we just figure we will get his approval afterward when we show him what great plans we had. However, He truly loves us enough to interrupt our brilliant plans in order to provide the perfect plan. Oh, and He is so creative, isn't He?

Why the author wrote this book:

Galveston has been one of my favorite places since childhood. I grew up on the Texas Gulf Coast and always loved my trip over the bay on the ferry to the island where I hoped someday I would live. That hasn't happened--yet! though my son does live there--so setting a book there was the next best thing.


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