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The Boy Next Door: Inspirational Romance Anthology

By Lenora Worth, Susan Crawford, Gayle Roper, Kathleen Y'Barbo, Rene Gutteridge, Cheryl McKay


These five women aren’t looking for love, but they might find it closer than they think…maybe even right next door.

The Chef Next Door by Lenora Worth
The whole world saw Alice get fired on network TV. Now she has to go home and face her high school crush, the boy next door. Brice wants Alice in his life, no matter what it takes. But she’s been burned once…will she take a chance on him?

Reclaiming Brynn by Susan Crawford
Medical resident Brynn Harper will do anything to help an at-risk teenaged patient—even go toe to toe with the one man she’d rather forget. Her former best friend Garrett has changed his life, but how can Brynn ever trust the man who once abandoned her?

Special Delivery: A Seaside Romance by Gayle Roper
When Kelli accepts a package delivered to the wrong address, she gets a lot more than misdirected mail. She gets a mystery that brings the unexpected into her life in the form of the boy next door—and a threat they’ll only survive together.

Autumn Skye by Kathleen Y’Barbo
Autumn is good at one thing: cutting ties. But the boy next door has her thinking the impossible. Maybe for the first time ever…she should stay. If only Nate wasn’t hiding secrets of his own…

O Little Town of Bethany by Rene Gutteridge & Cheryl McKay
Holly’s high society life leaves her empty, so she leaves everything behind and relocates to the one place she never forgot: the small town of Bethany, Georgia. Bethany is as quirky as its residents…and just what she needs. Especially as she begins to fall for the boy next door…


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