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Firefly Summer: Book 1 of the Pies, Books & Jesus Book Club series

By Kathleen Y'Barbo


Welcome to Sugar Pine, Texas, where there is one red light, one taxicab, and one grieving mama. When Sessa Chambers’ teenaged son is murdered during a robbery, she is left with his baby to raise and a decision to make: could she accept a dream job restoring carousel horses for the Smithsonian, manage the ranch on Firefly Lane, and take care of a little one? The ladies of the Pies, Books & Jesus Book Club think so, and they will do whatever Sessa needs to help—even if that means hunting for a husband for her. If only she would cooperate!

Former rodeo star turned Houston surgeon Trey Brown is haunted by the night he killed a teenager with the same hands he uses to hold a scalpel. Forgiveness is his only hope for ending the nightmare that chases him, even though the State of Texas declared his actions self-defense, so he seeks out his victim’s only living relative, his mother. Ranch owner Sessa Chambers is not at all what he expects. Her presence is more jolting than any eight-second bronc ride from his rodeo days, and the only thing he wants to do is get to know her better. She’s mistaken him for the hired help, and he’s fine with that. Until he finds a way to admit he killed her son, Trey will work off the guilt that has imprisoned him.

In tiny Sugar Pine, everyone knows everyone else’s business and most of them know the others’ secret pie recipes as well. When the ladies of the Pies, Books & Jesus Book Club decide to matchmake, will the stubborn artist with the history of disastrous dates be convinced to cooperate in their schemes?

Book Takeaway:

God makes a way for whatever He wants to happen. We just need to have faith and hang on!


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2020 Publishers Weekly Publisher's Weekly Bestselling Author

Why the author wrote this book:

The Pies Books & Jesus Book Club series started off with something my mother, Bonnie Sue Miller (you will recognize her in the book) said at Luby's. I was with her, my grandmother, and my toddler daughter (who turned 30 last year). Her comment about dating over the age of 70 sparked the whole series. You'll have to read the book to see what she says.


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